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Why I mediate.

With over 20 years of law firm and in-house experience, I bring a unique perspective to successful dispute resolution.  In that time, I have worked across a broad range of industries, including oil and gas and the funeral industry, and have worked directly with entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, HR Directors, and individuals to resolve disputes ranging from royalty disputes to wage and hour class actions, and securities class actions to landowner title disputes.      ​


After facing a second oil and gas company dissolution, I realized that my highest and best use is not in winding up businesses or advising on day-to-day internal company matters, but instead, finding solutions, and bringing people to common ground during times of significant conflict.  ​


In my practice, I have worked with people as they face their most profound losses, such as the loss of a family member, livelihood, or even a business.  Regardless of the hardship or the issue, it is my sensitivity, pragmatism and directness that brings the parties' dispute to a mutually agreeable result.   


Mediations can be booked online here or by contacting me here

Amy McDowell, Labor & Employment Counsel

Sasha is one of the most dedicated professionals I know.  When she takes a case, she will dive in, be engaged, ask appropriate questions, and become committed to a fair resolution.  She will listen to the fact, but she will be prepared to suggest outcomes and call it as she sees it when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of each side.  You won't find anyone more invested in helping the parties reach a successful outcome than Sasha.

Holly Anderson, General Counsel, GenOn Holdings

Sasha is the ideal mediator to resolve difficult conflicts.  She is direct and cuts to the heart of the issues.  She is adept at diffusing tensions in high stakes situations and at finding the resolution points in complex matters.  In the decade I've worked with Sasha, she has never encountered a problem she could not solve.

Ben Paul, General Counsel, Maverick Natural Resources

Sasha is one of the most intellectually curious and broad minded attorneys I've ever met.  She thinks through all positions on issues, understands their strengths and weaknesses, and is not afraid to point out flaws in arguments, even to those she advocates for.  Sasha is thorough in her preparation and diligence in cases and seeks to come to the best solution for everyone involved.  She's collegial, honest and someone I look to to advise me on the merits of many matters.  Sasha is without doubt someone whose judgment and wisdom I seek out.
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