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Why I investigate.

As an employment lawyer, I gained hands-on experience on how to search for concrete evidence during investigation interviews and how to effectively write executive reports.  In partnering with Human Resources, I became a better judge of the credibility of employees.  While serving in recent management roles, I refined my interview skills and assessment of witness statements. 

In short, my career has positioned me to handle even the toughest of workplace investigations.  During my interviews, I establish a communication fit that leads to trust and rapport among employees, and enables me to properly evaluate employees’ statements and body language.  Companies value my ability to provide prompt, objective feedback and well-drafted executive reports.

Do you have a workplace complaint that needs to be investigated?  Contact me for more information.  

Our Clients Say

Working with Sasha was an absolute pleasure, and she exceeded all our expectations in every aspect of the investigation process.  Sasha's approach was not only professional but also empathetic, creating an environment where all parties felt heard and respected.  Throughout the investigation, Sasha demonstrated exceptional skill in navigating through complex and sensitive issues.  Her insights and recommendations were invaluable in helping address the underlying issues and moving toward a positive resolution.  Moreover, Sasha exhibited remarkable communication skills, keeping us informed every step of the way and always being available to address any questions or concerns.  Her dedication to providing exceptional client service was evident in every interaction.  I would highly recommend Sasha to any organization in need of a workplace investigator.  

Korri Bryant, Attorney at Rapp & Krock

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